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Virticast™ Infin8 is a new generation virtual studio solution.It is integrated with photo realistic virtual set creation module called “REALIA GRAPHICS ENGINE” which gives crystal clear sharp image quality with realistic reflections, lights and shadow effects.

Virticast™ Infin8’s in-built chroma keyer with advanced algorithm is one of the best in the industry today. No need for external chroma keyer, easy to key any color with controls for edge softness, post key color corrections, matte view, ambient color on talent.

Virticast™ Infin8 Key and fill sources from an external CG can be configured in Virticast infin8 hardware allowing these sources to be used as DSK in the program. DSK can be either used as overlay or inherit within virtual environment for creating more interactive look. Overlay sophisticated graphic elements over live program sources.

Virticast™ Infin8 has in built and integrated switcher module for mixing of live inputs and internal stored media content, like video clips, still images, graphics and network sources. Switching between live inputs and virtual set is easily done with collaboration of transition panel and virtual motion panel in a single user interface. The final composited program output can be recorded on the fly.

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Key Features

Photo realistic 3D virtual sets
Physically based rendering (PBR)
Screen space reflection (SSR)
Advanced chroma keyer algorithm
Depth of field effects
Talent shadow mapped on 3D object
Change textures in virtual set and customization
Bone and cloth animation support
Virtual DVE motion between virtual cameras
Mix and transition effects between virtual cameras and live inputs
Real-time look ahead preview
Media players and playlist
Down stream keyer (DSK)
Lower third graphics overlay
Predefined virtual set library for various programs
Easy to use switcher like user interface
Supports HD & SD
Supports all well-known third party 3D modelling software
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Virticast™ Infin8


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