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Monarch® Brodcaast™ QPlus™ is a robust single channel content playout and On-Air graphics design system.

The solution enables the Channel Operator to schedule ads, movies and programs many days in advance, thus reducing the stress of manually programming the channel.

Monarch® Broadcaast™QPlus™ supports ingesting of one Live video input. The operator can simultaneously record the video for future use. The solution allows the user to insert squeeze ads in custom shape( L, J and U shape) by manipulating the Live video source. The operator can now produce Live programs like News, Talks Shows or Events and generate additional ad revenues.

Monarch® Broadcaast™QPlus™ is capable of inserting multilayered graphics to the programming, the operator can insert up to 4 full colour animated logos, add two lines of scroll, generate clock display, overlay stills, add titles and much more and thus deliver professional look to the channel.

With flexibility of delivering various functions like scheduling ingesting, Live production, inserting ads and inserting graphics through a single system, the operator can now easily operate his own channel.


  • Real time automatic and manual scheduling of live input and media files
  • Creating a schedule for many days ahead
  • Built-in Live video input in Analog and HDMI (digital) format
  • No black frames between playback of media files and live inputs
  • Simple editing of video files in various formats (Cliptrimming, Mark in & Mark out)
  • Customizable squeeze ads – L shape, J shape, U shape or any custom shape
  • Creating a schedule many days ahead
  • 16.7 million color support for logos and lower third ads through 32 bit alpha AVI file support
  • Multi language messages in a single scroll line
  • Unlimited breaking news
  • Event based scheduling for tickers and lower third ads
  • Log generator for ads, scroll messages and squeeze ads

Key Features


Ingest feature to capture live video input. Records the video on the hard disk for playback in the schedule. Supports recording in MP4 format using h.264 compression.

Live video or video clips as input source

Supports live video in analog and HDMI format. The solution also supports media file input as background source. Smooth switching between live video and video clip without any black frame or jerk.

Squeeze Ads

Creates Squeeze Ads by processing Live video inputs as a graphic layer. Scales down Live video to any custom shape(L, J & U shape) to insert ads through squeeze. Provides the flexibility to control the display time of the Ad.


Built-in Auto or Manual Scheduler for video clips and live video input

Monarch® Brodcaast™ QPlus™ Scheduling and Playout system playbacks scheduled event at right time with right data. It supports display of secondary events associated with the main event (logos, crawl lines, breaking news, spot ads and lower third ads) according to time and date. Built in scheduler can put all secondary events on the air at specified time and date and take them off the air again at the specified time. This features helps in scheduling the display of messages during the specified time period only. It also helps in running the ticker in an unattended mode once it is scheduled according to the time table. In essence, it allows for the production of a professional and tightly choreographed output, appropriately mastered, polished and ready for broadcast or other pro use.

The manual mode in the scheduler allows you to play any clip in manual mode with facility to go to next or previous clip or jump to any clip in the playlist. While the manual mode is playing, you can switch to the auto schedule mode and from auto manual mode to manual mode. Live input in the manual mode as well as auto schedule mode is also supported.

Live video or video clips as input source

Monarch® Brodcaast™ QPlus™ supports live video in analog or HDMI format as input source. It also supports media file input as background source. Input source can be switched smoothly between live video input and video clip without any black frame or gap.

The video clips in AVI, Mpeg 1 or Mpeg 2 formats and static image files in GIF, TGA, JPG, BMP and PNG formats can be used as a background source. The built in playlist generator allows to build the complete playlist of video clips and image files with accurate display time. The precise time of video clips can also be set by marking it with IN and OUT points for playback.

Monarch® Brodcaast™ QPlus™ supports SD SDI (with 2 Channel Embedded Audio), HDMI (with 2 Channel Embedded Audio), Component (Y, R-Y, B-Y), S-Video or Composite video outputs. All the outputs are available simultaneously. These video outputs can be used for on air transmission, preview and external recording purposes.

The live video input is provided through the Monarch Zinnia card. You can connect any one of the live video sources from HDMI (with 2 channel embedded audio) or Component or S-Video or Composite inputs.

Multiple Layer Compositing and Playout

Strata Compositing enables real-time compositing of multiple independently controllable virtual channels into a single physical channel. Use it to output multiple graphic layers – a ticker, a day and a date, a clock, a station ID, a lower third graphic band and background video, for instance – as a single physical output channel.

Monarch® Brodcaast™ QPlus™ has the multi-layering functions allowing you to build and control multiple layers of graphics. All graphic elements & layers including animations are blended and rendered in real-time. Monarch® Brodcaast™ QPlus™ delivers single physical output channel while allowing the operator to maintain complete control over each individual graphic element independently.

Different secondary graphic elements combined together

Multiple Line Text Crawl 

Monarch Brodcaast™ QPlus™ supports 2 lines of text crawl simultaneously. These lines can be played back in either direction (left to right or right to left) simultaneously with variable speed for each crawl line. These lines can be placed anywhere on the screen with adjustable height control and placement feature.

  • Messages in any 3 languages can be displayed in a single crawl line
  • Individual ticker line can be put on or off
  • Text messages can be updated on line without affecting the live feed
  • Text Messages can be moved up or down for last minute changes
  • Text messages can be imported in any crawl line from any external .TXT file
  • Save and Load option of Script saves changes done in the texts and can be recalled anytime.
  • A graphic Image or a color bullet can be inserted between two messages within the crawl line. Maximum 3 images can be inserted between these messages for separation with adjustable image size and vertical text position.

Multi-Language Font support

Monarch Brodcaast™ QPlus™ has full Unicode font support. Text crawl in any Indian language which supports Unicode fonts available in Windows 7 operating system can be edited and displayed with this system. At present Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Oriya and Telugu languages are supported. Each crawl line can display messages in 3 different languages and different colors. Built-in virtual keypad helps in typing the messages in 8 different Indian languages. This feature helps in typing the message by even a less experienced operator.

A new utility is added to create a text file in Notepad by using the Virtual Key Pad for regional languages. The file so created can be used for breaking news and scroll text messages.

Full-Color Station Logo with transparency

Monarch Brodcaast™ QPlus™ can be used to insert 4 full colored static or animated station logos. Static graphic image with transparency or 32 bit animated AVI file can be displayed on the live video feed and this logo can be placed anywhere on the screen.

Full-Color animated lower third graphic band for displaying advertisement

Monarch Brodcaast™ QPlus™ can be used to insert a full colored graphic band for displaying advertisement. The advertisement can be created in 32 bit AVI format or SWF format and can be used as the lower third graphic band.

On Screen Clock & Date

Clock and date display are the part of the online ticker system. Monarch Brodcaast™ QPlus™ provides on line clock and day and date insertion anywhere on the screen. You can select the color and font style of the clock & day and date. The clock presets allows you to quickly set-up the time and day and date.


Through the watermarking process of text or image is embedded into a digital signal in a way that is difficult to remove. If the signal is copied, then the information also is carried in the copy. In the watermarking, the information is visible in the picture or video. Typically, the information can be text or a logo, which can identify the ownership of the media. The user is able to place the watermark anywhere on the screen with varying degree of opacity.

Breaking News

There has been widespread use of breaking news at the local level, particularly when one channel wants to emphasize the exclusivity of coverage. The stories assigned breaking news rise to the significance or level of interest where it is important to the viewers. Monarch Brodcaast™ QPlus™ provides the template based breaking news band where news flashes can be displayed and updated online.

Display ads through squeeze

Another feature of Monarch® Brodcaast™ QPlus™ is that it accepts live video as input and this live input can be manipulated like any other graphic layer. The software supports the live video input to be scaled down (Squeezed) to any size. The exact display time of ads can be manipulated by scaling the live video to its original size again. You can now create the playlist of the images or video clips to be shown in the squeeze band. This playlist can be played manually or automatically at a fixed interval of time.


This feature allows the display of vertical or horizontal ads during the live telecast of any program.

As Run Log generator for billing purpose

The built in As Run Log generator records the On Air display of text messages, lower third graphic ads, full screen advertisements and video clips. The record is generated on daily basis with time stamp for every record. The customized log reader helps to sort the messages with Meta tags and time period and generates the report for the billing purpose.

Supported file formats

The following file formats are supported for various graphic elements and movie video clips.

Movie / Video Clips 24 BIT MS DV AVI, MPEG 1 (.mpg, .dat), MPEG 2 (Up to 9 mbps - .mpg), M2V, MPV, M2P, VOB (mpeg 2 compression up to 9 mbps and Dolby Digital 5,1 audio down converted to 2.0 channel), DivX (.mkv compression with PCM audio compression), WMV 8 & 9
Lower Third Supers 24/32 bit AVI , SWF
Watermark BMP, TGA, JPG, PNG, GIF
Scroll Text: BG / Border / Bullets BMP, TGA, JPG, PNG, GIF
Breaking News 32 bit BMP, TGA, PNG

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